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Fre-tech uses its precision design and manufacturing capabilities to be the world's leading supplier of crystal controlled oscillators, crystal units and SAW filters to those OEM's servicing the world wide space industries. Typical applications include Deep Space Exploration, Commercial & Defense Satellites and Ground Base ICBM Silos. In addition, Fre-tech is the world's leading supplier of precision and space grade frequency control products, with heritage on both military and space programs dating back to 1961. Fre-tech's Hi–Rel manufacturing facility  supplies the worlds leading producers of commercial and military satellites through its experienced staff and world class manufacturing plant.
Series Image Dimensions Output Logic Supply Voltage Frequency Range Features Specifications
FTTC6 7X5mm CMOS /Clipped Sinewave 3.3V/5V 5MHz to 100MHz Wide frequency range
TC2 7x5mm CMOS 3.3V/5V 5MHz to 200MHz Wide frequency range
FT1/FT2/FT3/FT5 7X5mm CMOS 1.8V/2.5V/3.3V/5V 0.5MHz to 220MHz Wide frequency range
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