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High end systems today demand extremely low noise clock signal integrity. Jitter is a critical parameter when designers are formulating their clock distribution timing budgets. An established Figure Of Merit is the 12kHz to 20MHz phase jitter measurement using no additional filtering. The table below shows measured phase jitter at three recognized bandwidths: 12kHz to 5MHz, 12kHz to 10MHz and 12kHz to 20MHz.

The Stability characteristics of a frequency source over temperature and time are key components in the design of wireless base stations, precision test and measurement equipment, network timing sources and military communications equipment. Oscillator Stability forms the foundation of a frequency or timing reference design and depending on the system more or less of the oscillators performance will show through in the overall performance. Making the right choices to guarantee the lowest aging, the best Temperature Stability or the highest Short Term Stability can be challenging, but Fre-tech has 50+ years in working with customers to ensure the success of their design.

In both the analog domain and the digital domain spectral purity of an oscillator or clock source can account for a large portion of a systems performance budget. Improving signal to noise ratio, meeting EVM targets and working with high modulation rates can come down to making the right oscillator choices. Fre-tech 30+ years of engineering Low Phase Noise and Low Jitter Oscillators has resulted in a range of oscillators designed to provide the highest performance in radio, test and measurement and radar applications. A cross section of Low Noise Oscillators is shown in the table below.

Series Image Dimensions Output Logic Supply Voltage Frequency Range Features Specifications
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